Five Must Haves For Healthy Skin!

Five Must Haves For Healthy Skin!

Anyone else feeling overwhelmed by the amounts of skincare advice and product lines being pushed daily??!! 🤯

But the truth is, for your skin-care routine to be effective, it should really be as SIMPLE and CONSISTENT as possible. And most importantly, your advice should come from someone who STUDIES and TREATS multiple skin types & concerns DAILY! 

 Below are five MUST HAVES that everyone should have in their collection; regardless of skin concerns. 

1. Cleansers — The foundation of your routine! A good cleanser will gently remove  excess oil, makeup, dirt, dead skin cells, and maintain your skins hydration.

 2. Exfoliants — Exfoliants should only be used 1-2x weekly (if you have acne prone or sensitive  skin, consult with your Esthetician before adding an exfoliant to your routine). Facial exfoliants are designed to remove  the top layers of dead skin cells, helping brighten & smooth your skins appearance, even surface level pigmentation, unclog pores, and reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.

 3. Antioxidants — Serums add an additional layer of protection for your skin! Helping combat visible signs of aging and calming skin inflammations. They also provide  the skin with hydration and increase moisture retention.


 4. Moisturizers — Help seal moisture into the skin, which supports the skin barrier to effectively protect and hydrate your skin.


 5. Sunscreen — Protects the skin from the sun’s UV rays, which may cause skin cancer and signs of aging.


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